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My name is Eric van Kampen. I am a photographer, videographer and self publisher based in Dublin City. My focus as a creator is to convey, via the production of compelling imagery, new possibilities for clients to visually explore narratives that best represent their online presence.

I offer a service to meet these demands given a preference for either moving or still image, or both. I do this by offering high quality videography and photography services that are catered towards unifying the ethos of businesses with their online representation. I work on a one to one basis with clients but also am open to collaborating with other creative agencies who have similar goals in mind.



  • Photography

Whether your needs be editorial, content creation for social media, product photography or images for a new website I provide a flexible service that I try to cater to each clients requirements. Having come from a Fine Art Media background I deliver a quality service that pays tribute to the sensibilities of this discipline, in my attention to detail for finding the nuances of any brief.

  • Videography

    I treat both elements of image making in my business, both still and moving, with equal value. I believe that having a streamlined, consistent approach to aesthetics provides an implicit value to the overall look that a client may want to achieve. I believe that my capacity to harmonize both these elements is one of my strong points as a creator.




As well as generating engaging content for clients I operate an independent self publishing business. In 2017 I created my first photobook publication titled BUDDLEIA which was featured in The Irish Times prior to its launch. I oversaw all elements of the project from start to finish including; graphic design, editing, liaising with printers and distribution. This project helped me further develop my tact for handling logistics.

I use this element of my business to complement the means by which I consider narrative possibilities for content creation, as I believe the printed medium of book making still has much to offer in terms of how we conceive of our online presence. I have been involved with this medium since assisting on book publications in the past with prominent Irish Artist Michael Warren. I helped document his work for an exhibition publication for a show titled Kireji in 2010 and again on successive projects documenting his retrospective ‘Unbroken Line’.